Video: Get Inspired with the Institute’s Alumni

Watch Testimonials of Transformation

Vista Leadership Institute’s innovative six-month program helps you answer the question, “What do I want to do next?” and put your ideas into action. During the transformational 2016 retreat, participants were asked to describe their Vista Leadership Institute experience….

“I just felt like there was a lot of noise in my life and I needed some time to sit back and take a moment to reflect for myself.” – Cristina Manfre, Institute 2016 Alum

“The places that we went, the people that we met, those themes into the coursework and the curriculum. It just really brought it all together. It was terrific.” – Marianne Clark, Institute 2016 Alum

“I’ve become a lot more confident in what I hope to do in the world and the impact I want to make as a leader.” – Elaine Clayton, Institute 2016 Alum

Interested in learning more? The 2017 Institute takes place from June-December 2017. Your journey begins in June with the first of three individual coaching sessions. Then online Virtual Classes meet twice per month starting in August and ending in December. All participants will meet in person for the Leadership Retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico, from October 21-28, 2017.  Apply today!


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