The Institute’s Inaugural Class Gets Under Way

Starting your journey by looking inward

The Institute launched its first cohort in July with great success. Participants began their journey by exploring their personal strengths and core values, followed by an individual coaching session.

Our first virtual classroom session explored everyone’s strengths when part of a team. We followed the first session with lessons on listening to build understanding.

The introspective journey continued as each participant defined and described their personal best experience while classmates listened with a specific focus on facts, emotions, values.

Exploring culture, systems, and design thinking to expand your horizons

Guided by new knowledge from virtual classroom sessions, each participant’s journey expanded outward by exploring cultural competence and implicit bias. Participants gained insights by diving deep into how cultural identity influences our work and our perception of career.

This exploration of broader systems thinking continued as Institute collaborator, Ann Badillo, joined us to explore the design frameworks of Theory U and Design Thinking. Participants applied design thinking principles to craft their next chapter of life and career.

Each Vista Leadership Institute session is designed to inspire participants. One participant recently wrote, “I’m really enjoying the program so far and haven’t stopped talking about everything we’re discussing…I think people are going to get tired of me gushing about it soon.”

The journey continues as Institute participants begin to explore multi-sector collaborations and gear up for our immersive retreat in Oaxaca. If you want to start your journey and learn more about future classes of the Institute, subscribe to our newsletter.

Are you ready to start your leadership journey?