Minutes with Mary: Episode 5 – A Conversation With Two Executive Directors About What Made Their Merger Successful

In today’s episode of Minutes with Mary, I am chatting with Lindsay Fenlon, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Wisconsin and Jaime Kriewaldt, Chief Program Officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Wisconsin. Jaime was formerly the Executive Director of Best Friends of Neenah Menasha.  Big Brothers Big Sisters and Best Friends, two youth-mentoring organizations officially merged on January 1, 2020.  This conversation is to explore the journey the two organizations embarked on beginning in July 2018. Lindsay and Jaime will share the elements of success and dispel the myth that only big organizations have access to resources to do it right.


Minutes with Mary: Episode 4 – Key Ingredients For Successful Nonprofit Mergers

In today’s episode of Minutes with Mary, Mary has a discussion with her colleague Scott Schaffer of Public Interest Management Group.  Scott and Mary have collaborated on many projects over the last seven years to support nonprofit clients exploring strategic partnerships and mergers. From their experience, they would like to share some key ingredients that contribute to success.





Minutes with Mary: Episode 3 – 21st Century Leadership Skills

In this episode, Jake, Arye and Mary explore various topics including how to work with leaders and the Vista Leadership Institute programs offered through Vista Global. Mary discusses the key skills that 21st century leaders need to be successful: Listening, empathy and emotional intelligence. Jake, Arye and Mary also explore conversational intelligence, the neuroscience of having positive and negative conversations, and the impact it has on building trust.

Other topics discussed include components of the Vista Leadership Institute: values clarification, working in teams, cross-cultural competence and implicit bias. Enjoy!


Minutes with Mary: Episode 2 – The Business for Good Movement

In this episode of Minutes with Mary, Jake, Arye and Mary explore various topics related to certified B Corps and the business for good movement. What is a B Corp? Why did Mary certify Vista Global as a B Corp in 2012? What does it take to become certified? And how has the business for good movement evolved over the last decade? This is the business movement transforming the global economy. Enjoy!





Minutes with Mary: Episode 1 – The Challenges of Being a Solopreneur

In this episode, Jake, Arye and Mary explore various aspects of being a solopreneur. What does it take? How do you manage your energy so you can be your best self? How do you maintain your capacity to grow your business? Mary shares a few tips and routines that she has put into practice to start and end her day in order to maintain a full energy tank. Enjoy!





Minutes with Mary: Introduction – Meet Vista Global Founder, Mary Stelletello

In this episode of Minutes with Mary, Mary shares the journey of the different seats she has occupied at the table of doing work to make a difference in the world. Enjoy!






The Conscious Leader Podcast: Mary Stelletello — Words Create Worlds

In this episode we cover a wide range of topics within the impact world including: b-corps, workflow & energy, what makes a great leader, the importance of empathy, listening and more.


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