Our Vista Global Reboot Has Launched!

It’s been a spring of renewing and refocusing our work at Vista Global. Two weeks ago we relaunched our flagship website at VistaGlobalCC.com with a whole new design thanks to KTD Creative and a flurry of new information to share with prospective coaching clients and organizational partners. We hope you will take the time to explore the site to learn more about our vision for being agents for social change, for developing strong, empathetic leaders, and for partnering with organizations to carry out impactful work.

From Mary, Vista Global Founder, on We Are the Arc Benders:
When you have clarity about what are the principles that help you feel like you are doing your life’s work, you are on your way. It is then a matter of clearing out the clutter, the fears, the gremlins in your head that send you all the limiting beliefs to block your path forward. You can’t do this alone. The power of community, support, and accountability are what make transformation happen

With this relaunch, we are reinvigorated to continue our work and to grow it with new collaborators, especially fellow B Corp businesses. Vista Global is proud to have been the first certified B Corp in the state of Wisconsin back in 2012. B Corp businesses are for-profit businesses who believe that we can hold our market to higher standards, that profit does not come at the expense of people and purpose. B Corp businesses are verified according to strict standards for their social and environmental impact as well as their transparency and legal accountability.

This past year, Vista Global was recognized as a B Corp “Best for the World” Honoree in two distinct categories: overall and customers. This acknowledgment is a big honor and a challenge to us to continue to work towards impactful excellence. We work with B Local Wisconsin to promote B Corp certification and values. You’ll be hearing a lot more about B Corps from us here, on our social media platforms* and in our newsletter. If you have any questions, please contact us! We’d be thrilled to connect you with your local B Corp community.

Wait! That’s not all! As we relaunched Vista Global, we also rebranded and relaunched our online and retreat-based professional development programs as Vista Leadership Institute. All of our dates, program details, and prices are up-to-date and we are ready for your application!

Photos: BodhiSurfYoga.com

We are excited to partner with fellow Certified B Corp Bodhi Yoga + Surf Retreat in Uvita, Costa Rica to host our Mastermind Retreat in June 2020. Leading up this amazing and intensive 7-day retreat, our Mastermind online program will commence on October 7, 2019. With personal coaching, small-group team exercises, and interactive webinars, you will build out the tools you need to develop and execute a personal action plan for leadership and powerful change in your career. Online Mastermind participants are limited to 15. All retreat attendees must also participate in our online program.

For those who desire a more streamlined jumpstart to their career path, the Vista Leadership Core Program features a series of five 90-minute live sessions with Mary. This focused program launches in November 2019. All programs include access to our online VLI community, downloadable leadership tools, and recordings of live sessions. Please explore the VLI website for full details and don’t hesitate to message us with questions or to inquire about payment plans for our Mastermind online program and retreat.

We are proud of the work we have done and excited to meet you and work with you in the coming year.

With the spirit of the French Open, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Are you ready to start your leadership journey? Ready, Go!

*As part of our rebranding and relaunch, we’ve consolidated our social media accounts for easier connection.
Find us @VistaGlobalCC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.