Our Mission to Be the Change

The world is becoming more complex, fast-moving and technologically connected. Leadership is a key lever in creating positive change. Twenty-first century leaders require personal and collective skill building to achieve successful impact.

Better You, Better World

Designed for community-minded leaders who seek new skills or feel stuck in their current career situation, Vista Leadership Institute offers several leadership development courses that combine virtual learning with personal wayfinding to learn the new skills required to spur innovation and impact today’s global community.

Core Values


To create the world we all want to live in requires the collaboration and commitment of many communities of people.


For the future to be sustainable for all living on this planet, we view each being as a contributor and beneficiary.


Humor, energy, joy, creativity and innovation are essential to addressing the complex challenges that we face.


Engaging people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds creates the multi-cultural bridge to a vibrant and thriving global community.


We envision a global community of creative, resilient, diverse and connected leaders who fully contribute their talents to making the world a better place.

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